History of North Atlantic Packards

North Atlantic Packards (NAP), is a Region of Packard Automobile Classics, Inc. (P.A.C.) / d.b.a. “The Packard Club.” We received our charter on April 10th, 1970. We welcome members that own Packards or anyone that has an interest in Packards; ownership of a Packard is not required. Our region includes all of the New England states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont — an area of more than 66,000 square miles.

The Region hosted the 1975 National meet in the Boston area, the 1986 National meet in Newport, Rhode Island, and the 2005 National meet in Boston (Danvers, Massachusetts) .

Much of the region’s present vitality is due to the organizational efforts of Ralph Fiorello during the early 1990s. Our membership chairman, Sheri Roaf is constantly recruiting new members. With initial membership of approximately 35, we have now grown to approximately 110 members.

Events Activity Chair and the NAP Board of Directors plan activities to accommodate the interests of Packard aficionados as well as their friends and families. Events range from car meets to historic tours to apple picking. This past year the club has sponsored or co-sponsored 7 meets, including the Dust Off Tour on Cape Cod, as well as sanctioning numerous others. Family participation in activities is encouraged but not required.

Our award-winning club newsletter The Pelican Papers, edited by Drusilla Carter is published quarterly. Articles are complete with copious photographs. Subject matter includes event schedules, technical tips, reports on events, members’ milestones, and various automotive trivia. This publication does much to keep our members active and in close touch with each other.